Raise your hand if you're tired of living by "shoulds"...

  • Tired of living by old rules, traditions, and expectations that leave you feeling empty

    You realize that you were NOT pursuing your dreams because you feel too guilty, too unworthy, or too invested in what others think about you.

  • Tired of feeling rushed, busy, burdened, and burnt out by society's demands and family issues

    You realize you are tired and have been tired for years and you want your time, health, vitality, and joy back.

  • Tired of using your talents, strengths, and superpowers in ways that don't light you up

    You want to use your skills and talents in ways that inspire you, spark your imagination, unlock your true creativity and activates your true potential.

  • You are ready to stop living by "shoulds" and feeling burdened by the needs, fears, stories, or beliefs of others.

  • Tired of doing life alone and feeling alone

    You desire deep, meaningful connections where you can be vulnerable, be supported and be at ease without feeling judged, ignored, or diminished.

  • Tired of monotony of mediocrity

    You want to stop dimming your light and living a boring life in order to make others happy; you want to feel inspired, passionate, and motivated by your future.


  • Tired of not having emotional, physical, and spiritual boundaries to protect your peace and joy

    You are tired of people encroaching on your life. You want to live a more spacious life so you can rest, stay rooted, and focus on what's important to you.

  • Tired of being controlled by status quo

    You want to dream again and stop compromising your desires and putting your life on hold for others.

  • Tired of talking yourself out of winning

A "Should-Free" life is the path to FREEDOM & FULFILLMENT!

Living Should-Free


Even though you may not know or can't name exactly what you want, you know your current life is NOT it.


You want more.

More Ease

More Space

More Freedom

More Joy

More Confidence

More Courage

More Meaning


You want to stop the SHOULDY life
and enjoy a life full of options, not more obligations.


I followed all the “SHOULDS” but unfortunately, the “shoulds” stole my peace, undermined my confidence, and jeopardized my health.


Trust me, “shouldy” living was exhausting; it was not for me. Constantly feeling weighed down by rules, roles, and protocols felt stifling and made me feel resentful.


But one day, I had enough.

I grew tired of checklists, obligations, and scheduling my life based on somebody else's agenda.

Even though society tried to convince you otherwise, please remember that YOU CAN DEPEND ON YOU ….  


...to live a should-free life.


You can depend on yourself to grow, question, build, pivot, recover, resist, create, and trust yourself to live beyond cultural standards, beliefs, and protocols so you can live openly, freely, and peacefully.


My friend...


You don’t have to compromise who you are or settle for who you were taught to be. 


You don’t have to carry the weight of expectations and responsibilities on your back.


You can dream again. You can reach, explore, and experience yourself in fulfilling ways.


And, I can show you how.

SharRon Jamison helped me transform my life! By taking her online courses I was able to take the deep feelings inside of me and make the changes that my inner self yearned to make. Her teaching style put me at ease, so that I easily accessed the pain caused by trying to live up to the expectations of others. 

Rev. Marie A. Bacchiocchi

United Church of Christ


Living A Should-Free Life

What's Included


MODULE 1: The Power of Good "I" Sight


We're so often defined by our labels - a mother, wife, friend, co-worker, manager, business owner - that we lose sight of who we are. We feel confined to societal roles, cultural norms, or cultural programming.


In this module, you will re-discover who you really are and how to see yourself with new eyes.  


Get ready to see who you were born to be so that you will stop settling for who society told and taught you to be. Get ready to meet the real YOU!



How your childhood programmed you to play safe and small

 How you can courageously live your truth


How to discern your truth vs what you have been taught


How to appreciate your identity outside of societal rules and expected roles



MODULE 2: Hurts, Hurdles, and Healing


You don't need to "toughen" up. Sometimes, that just builds more walls, which makes it harder for you to heal and process your past.


Through this module, you will identify how old hurts are showing up in your adult life. You will identify how those old wounds sap your energy so you can make room for MORE joy, creativity and peace. No longer will old triggers and hurts nibble away at your confidence, self-worth, and self-respect. You will be fully in charge of YOU and use your emotions to guide you to your deeper truth.



• How to develop a strong and healthy inner life


• How to unpack your emotional baggage so you can travel lighter in life


•  How to effectively process childhood wounds


• How to S.O.W. so you won't stay stuck in old patterns


MODULE 3: Pits, Purpose, and Peace


You are always told that you are the sum total of the 5 closest friends you hang around. But how do you determine who those 5 people should be? 


In this module, you will discover the types of connections that motivate you to be the best version of yourself.


The good news: You don't have to settle for doing life alone and you don't have to accept relationships that don't honor you. You deserve relationships that inspire you to pursue your dreams and to live your truth without being judged, shamed, and minimized.



How to create your personal dream team

• How to use the GPS system to connect with like-minded people who are catalysts and motivators

• How to accept feedback so you refine your strengths and deepen your bonds 

• BONUS Training: Types Of Friends You Need When You Are Over 50 Masterclass

• BONUS: 3 Challenges to Working Together


MODULE 4:  Finding Your Path To Your Sweet Spot


You were born to be great! You already possess what you need to live in your sweet spot. Now it's time to activate it.


In this module, you will discover how to access and optimize your unique blend of your gifts, talents, and wisdom to create and contribute to the world. You will then learn how to leverage your strengths to create the relationships, careers, and lifestyle that you desire. No longer will you cling to one profession or job or confine your gifts to one role. You will explore and optimize your strengths and skills in soul-fulfilling, creative ways. 



• How to handle the discomfort of success so you won't self-sabotage

• How to discover and optimize your innate gifts and talents

• How to customize a success path that works for you

How to know if you're moving towards your goals

• How to use "The Power of No" to deal with resistance


MODULE 5:  Struggle No More!


Learning is good, but the only way to ensure that we fully embody what we learn is to apply the lessons in a supportive community and learn how to courageously pivot with support.


In this module, you will develop an actionable blueprint to help you move closer to your dreams, even in the face of uncertainty. You will optimize your unique gifts and execute your plans in a way that feels compatible with how you are "wired." Your progress will not feel hard; it will feel right for you





How to determine a compelling vision for your life

How to know if you're living your values

• How to execute your vision with ease  

• How to discover your life's purpose  

• How to make life-expanding decisions that bring you joy


How to know when it's time to pivot and shift 


MODULE 6:  It's Time To Make Your Heart Sing


We are all connected to something larger than ourselves. We understand that innately, but some of us were never taught how to tap into that  connection without religion.


In this module, you will learn how to tap into that unlimited source of creativity, connection, and power. You will also learn how to silence the inner chatter, and center yourself so you can stop living a life of constant hustle, endless scarity, and chronic defeat. By accessing your inner wisdom and trusting your inner voice, you will discover that you have everything you need to revamp and re-calibrate your life.


Most of all, you will finally feel you are LIVING your destiny as the person you were born to become.



• An understanding of your source of unlimited power


• Ways to connect with a Higher Power

• How to keep ourselves grounded and aligned

Living should-free is not always easy, but you can depend on yourself to do it

How You Can Depend On You Works 

Online & Self-Directed

6 Modules to Support

There are 6 modules and every module is broken down into easy-to-understand sections. You can access the modules in the membership site or via a private podcast feed. Every module has worksheets, journal prompts, and tools to support your journey.

Access to SharRon & Her Team

1:1 Calls with SharRon

When you join You Can Depend ON You, you are eligible to receive special pricing for private 1:1 calls with SharRon. Scheduling  1:1 calls are based on her availability. 

BONUS for 2022

What Visionaries & Leaders

Are Saying

SharRon Jamison is masterful when it comes to equipping others to courageously embrace and embody their authenticity. I love her passion and commitment to "owning her awesome" and teaching others to do the same.

Dr. Vikki Johnson

Healer, Speaker, Author & Creator of Soul Wealth

SharRon Jamison helped me transform my life! By taking one of her online courses I was able to take the deep feelings inside of me and make the changes that my inner self yearned to make. Her teaching style put me at ease, so that I easily accessed the pain caused by trying to live up to the expectations of others. 

Rev. Marie A. Bacchiocchi

United Church of Christ

"SharRon Jamison is the Queen Motivator, she empowers other leaders to operate at the highest level of themselves. 

Alex Okoroji: Visionary, Global Influencer, Reinvention Coach,

SharRon is tremendously gifted.  Her profound insights illuminate areas for others to learn more about themselves and her practical strategies help her clients powerfully transform their lives.  She is a woman of integrity who truly has a heart for helping others become the highest version of themselves. 

Anna DeBose Hankins 

Founder-RADIANCE Woman

www. RADIANCEWoman.com

SharRon Jamison is masterful at giving people the psychological and emotional medicine they need to break out of their trauma responses and soar higher. She is electrifying as a speaker and teacher and not only provides the intellectual stimulation needed to have measurable change, but her words are medicine for the body. Every time I have invited her to speak to my communities, every person felt more healed at all levels. She is the force we need to  elevate and go higher.

Thema Azize Serwa Pioneer & Owner, The Womb Sauna

SharRon is truly blessed with the gift of helping and healing others. She is dedicated to helping others live their best lives, and giving them all of the help, tools and guidance to do so. I often recommend her to friends who are ready to make positive changes and better their lives. Taking her class would truly be a gift to yourself. 

Yvette D. Bennett

Indie Writer /Director /Producer Best Selling Author

Living A Should-Free Life

  • The Power of Great "I" Sight (value $197)

  • Hurts, Hurdles, and Healing (value $197)

  • Pits, Purpose, and Peace (value $197)

  • Finding Your Path to Your Sweet Spot (value $197)

  • Struggle No More! (value $197)

  • It's Time to Make Your Heart Sing ($197)

  • BONUS: Digital Copy "I Can Depend On Me" (value $39)

  • BONUS: Digital Copy of "Deciding To Soar 2 (value $19)

  • BONUS: Digital Copy of the Reflection Guide(value $39)

  • BONUS: Your Inner Gremlin Worksheet (value $37)

One-time Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

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The world is changing and when you can make choices that honor your own needs, values, and desires, you will live a happier and more fulfilled life.



Living A Should-Free Life

  • The Power of Great "I" Sight (value $197)

  • Hurts, Hurdles, and Healing (value $197)

  • Pits, Purpose, and Peace (value $197)

  • Finding Your Path to Your Sweet Spot (value $197)

  • Struggle No More! (value $197)

  • It's Time to Make Your Heart Sing ($197)

  • BONUS: Digital Copy "I Can Depend On Me" (value $39)

  • BONUS: Digital Copy of "Deciding To Soar 2 (value $19)

  • BONUS: Digital Copy of the Reflection Guide(value $39)

One-time Payment


SharRon holds a BA from Hampton University and a MBA from Nova Southeastern University. She is a corporate leader in a Fortune 500 company and she currently serves as a minister at the Victory for the World Church in Stone Mountain, Ga.


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